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Zelda Enemies - small
I need to draw more Zelda here's a few classics to get me started!!

I still don't know why the snakes are called 'Ropes' but yea...
Seeing Pokemon like Jangmo-o makes me realize why I love Pokemon so much...Fantastic design, and great potential for whatever it will evolve into...

I have theory regarding this though...

I think Jangmo-o may potentially evolve into a Griffon...
Jangmo-o without a doubt has a very dinosaurian body's appearance to me actually somewhat resembles the Protoceratops...Like other Ceratopsians Protoceratops use their hard heads for attack and defense. And very much like Jangmo-o's description they always face their enemies to make the best of their adaptation. Some Ceratopsians have even evolved a ball and socket joint at the base of their neck which allows for much better maneuverability when fighting...

This is important because of the Protoceratops-Griffon Hypothesis...which is a proposal that suggests Protoceratops fossils found in gold mines during ancient times inspired the myth of the Griffon...As a result of this it was believed that the mythical Griffon were guardians of treasure...

What's more Jangmo-o does have what appears to be feathers or fur on it's head and chest which could potentially grow into a prideful mane, like we see in some lions and even eagles...

Additionally, Jangmo-o is described to be a rather valiant pokemon. Both the Lion and the Eagle are symbols of courage, thus making the Griffon also a symbol of courage and strength, often being used in various flags and emblems for various countries, organizations, and sports teams...

There are other theories regarding Jangmo-o's evolutions...such as the inspiration for it's name the Mo'o...Being the Hawaiian word for lizards and dragons...

If Jangmo-o would indeed evolve into a Griffon I know I would be happy as the Griffon is probably my second favourite mythical creature behind the dragon, and Pokemon is yet to have a Griffon...


Oh and Cutiefly's hitching a ride...I'm not a fan of Cutiefly's name, but if you look at both it and the Beefly that inspired it, it is more than a fitting name...there was a teaser of Cutiefly's evolution and as I suspected it is indeed going to evolve into a Hummingbird Moth...Very cool critters those...


Edit: Jangmo-o's evolutions have since been my griffin theory proved incorrect it seems the line is based on Komodo Dragons...that are also based on Somoan warriors...the fact that we are getting Komodo Dragons that do the Haka is pretty awesome...

Also Cutiefly's evolution was revealed...
This year is Pokemon's 20th Anniversary...for those who weren't aware....

And also for those who weren't aware, Sneasel and Sableye are two of my favourite Pokemon! Sneasel being my absolute favourite Pokemon!
So I did something quickly and this was the result...


Robert Powell
Artist | Digital Art
My Name is Robert Powell. I am a South African born amateur concept artist that currently resides in Canada.

Please note, I am currently NOT open for commission work.

Creature of the Week

Hello deviant artists!

Due to extended periods of inactivity and a very busy life, I decided to step down as moderator for Creature of the Week. For those still interested the activity is still going to be run by another moderator, who will be posting new topics to keep the activity going, but I will not be running it any longer.

I may be participating still in future topics, so I look forward to seeing people then!

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